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Search by Part No. allows for look-up of any SKF CR Seals Part Number that is part of the current CR Seals Handbook. Just enter the part number and click Search. The desired displayed units of Inch or Millimeters can be selected. This search feature will also link any old / superseded part number to their current CR Seals Part Number. Clicking the part numbers that appear will bring up a detail page with dimensions and, in many cases, a product cross-section view and picture.

You can do partial searches on part numbers by using the * and ? characters. Use * to represent multiple characters and ? to represent a single character.

Examples are: searching for part 1234* will return parts that start with 1234 regardless of part number length. Searching for part 1234? Will return parts that start with 1234, but will only return part numbers that are no longer than 5 characters long.

You can use * and ? multiple times anywhere in the part number.

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